• Doris Tshepe

    Doris Tshepe

    Doris Tshepe heads the Commercial and Communications department at Cheadle Thompson and Haysom. Doris is also an admitted conveyancer and...


  • Karien Norval

    Karien Norval

    Karien Norval is the Finance Director of Cheadle Thompson & Haysom. She specialises in media, administrative and constitutional law. Karien...


  • Brendan Barry

    Brendan Barry

    Brendan Barry heads the Public Sector Law department at Cheadle Thompson & Haysom. His fields of specialization are legal policy,...


  • Paul Benjamin

    Paul Benjamin

    Paul Benjamin is the senior director at Cheadle Thompson & Haysom. He is a former Professor at the University of...


  • Reynaud Daniels

    Reynaud Daniels

    Reynaud Daniels specialises in labour law. He has extensive litigation experience, and regularly appears in the CCMA, bargaining councils and...


  • Grant Doble

    Grant Doble

    Grant Doble specialises in labour law. Grant has represented employees and trade unions in numerous precedent setting matters over many...


  • Shamima Gaibie

    Shamima Gaibie

    Shamima Gaibie heads the Labour Law department at Cheadle Thompson & Haysom and specialises in employment law, pension law, commercial...


  • Riona Kalua

    Riona Kalua

    Riona Kalua specialises in labour law, pension fund law, contract and commercial law. She advises a diverse range of clients,...


  • Molatelo Makhura

    Molatelo Makhura

    Molatelo Makhura specialises in labour law. He advises a wide range of clients, from trade unions to government departments at...


  • Phillip Masilo

    Phillip Masilo

    Phillip Masilo specialises in the fields of occupational health & safety, employment, local government and public law. He has advised...


  • Komeshan Naidoo

    Komeshan Naidoo

    Komeshan Naidoo is the Managing Director of Cheadle Thompson & Haysom. Komeshan advises a wide range of clients that include...


  • Mphengoa Phooko

    Mphengoa Phooko

    Mphengoa Phooko specialises in public administrative law, procurement and professional conduct. She is the director responsible for the coordination of...


  • Tefo Raditapole

    Tefo Raditapole

    Tefo Raditapole is an accomplished legal policy advisor and dispute resolution specialist. He is an internationally accredited commercial mediator (Centre...


  • Tapiwa Ralehoko

    Tapiwa Ralehoko

    Tapiwa Ralehoko heads the firm’s Cape Town office. Tapiwa specialises in labour law. She is also admitted as a notary...


  • Anushka Singh

    Anushka Singh

    Anushka Singh specialises in administrative, constitutional and labour law. She has advised a range of trade unions, government departments, non-governmental...