Bargaining Councils

We have played a pioneering role in shaping and developing the South African labour regulatory environment over the last three decades. Over this time our lawyers have advised on key legislative reform processes including the overhaul of the South African labour legislative framework in 1994, and the 2002 amendments to the Labour Relations Act and Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

The firm has extensive experience representing bargaining councils. We provide specialist legal advice on all issues affecting bargaining councils. Our services include:

  • advice on the statutory framework within which bargaining councils operate generally and the implications of legislative amendments
  • advice on bargaining council constitutions and the interpretation, application and enforcement of collective agreements
  • representation in demarcation disputes
  • representation at exemption hearings or appeal hearings
  • advice and representation in Labour Court processes and applications, including applications to review the outcome of exemption hearings
  • advice and representation in bargaining council jurisdictional disputes
  • advice on bargaining council social funds, including fund rules, benefit design and good corporate governance