Non Governmental Organisations

Our directors have been servicing the needs of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), both local and international, for over three decades. The firm provides a holistic and comprehensive range of legal services to NGOs, ranging from incorporation and registration as Public Benefit Organisations, to labour law, income tax and work permit advice and advice and assistance in relation to all of their contractual requirements, including the drafting of agreements, memoranda of understanding, and advice in relation to their specific sectors or areas of operation.

Our lawyers have an excellent understanding of the regulatory frameworks in which NGOs operate and were central to drafting the Non-Profit Organisations Act.

Labour Law

The firm provides comprehensive legal services in the area of labour law, including: drafting of employment agreements, human resources manuals, and policies and procedures; all aspects of unfair dismissal, unfair labour practices, collective bargaining and organisational rights; employee benefits, grievance procedures and disciplinary proceedings. We regularly update our NGO clients on any changes in the law, and service their ancillary needs emanating from such amendments. We have, in particular, often provided specialised labour law advice for international NGOs who have different and varying relationships with their employees depending on the nature of the entity and the nature of their work in South Africa.

Contract Law

Contracts in the NGO sector often require careful assessment of the intersection of contract law and the legislation governing the sector in which the NGO operates. The firm provides an extensive range of contract services catering for the specific needs of local and international NGOs.

We have drafted both simple and complex contractual agreements for NGOs to govern their relationships with funders and beneficiaries, with service providers and consultants, and with relevant statutory and governmental organisations where necessary. We have also represented NGOs in complex and high level negotiations with a range of parties, including government entities, aimed at concluding agreements and simplifying the parties’ contractual obligations. As indicated elsewhere on our site, we are one of the few firms in South Africa that has developed extensive experience in plain language drafting and we have successfully applied the principles of plain language to all of our drafting work, particularly in the area of our contract services.