Our Firm

Practical and innovative solutions to complex legal challenges.

Our Firm

Practical and innovative solutions to complex legal challenges.

Our Background

Cheadle Thompson & Haysom was started in 1979 by three legal academics from the University of the Witwatersrand.

The firm has since grown into a leading South African law firm with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town providing a diverse range of legal services that combines academic and legal expertise with strategic and practical advice.

Our Experience and Expertise

Our lawyers have successfully litigated in both general and specialist courts, often in precedent-setting cases that have had far reaching effects on the implementation of legislation and the development of South African law.

We have drafted key laws in many different policy areas for national, regional, provincial, and local governments, and have played a leading role in promoting the use of plain language in the law.
Directors of the firm have also authored major legal textbooks, edited law journals, written widely across numerous journals and the press, and regularly serve as acting judges in both the Labour Court and the High Court.

Diversity, Inclusion and Recruitment

Cheadle Thompson & Haysom is committed to transformation, diversity, and inclusion.

Our approach to recruitment is reflective of these commitments. Our firm is much more than just a B-BBEE Level 1 legal practice. More than 55% of our directorship is Black and more than 30% is made up of Women. Even beyond our leadership, approximately 70% of our professional staff is Black.

One of the firm’s defining attributes is our commitment to meaningful investment in the talent pipeline. We traditionally employ only a limited number of candidate attorneys each year. Our approach is driven by our desire to properly invest in and train our junior professionals so that they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to eventually lead the firm into the future.

This process extends well beyond just issues of race and gender. We believe that the cultivation of excellence embodies the diversity of thought, belief, access, and opportunity. Many of our directors have proudly come through this process.

Cheadle Thompson & Haysom has a diverse clientele ranging from trade unions, government departments, corporations, municipalities and regulatory and other statutory bodies to individuals, small businesses and non-government organisations.

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